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My course:

My passion for materials and their transformation led me to the extrusion process of thermoplastics.

I wanted to start my professional life with production, in order to get to know the practice of the trade. This experience as a Production Manager in an small structure was decisive for the rest.

My position as Head of Innovation Product Development Projects has enabled me

- to develop my knowledge of the virtues of numerical simulation for structural calculation or flow simulation, the implementation of specific characterization tests or design optimisation.

- extruding technical materials such as PPS, PET, PSU, PEK, polyamides or fluorinated materials.

- develop innovative patented solutions for the automotive or PVC industries.

As Industrial Director, I have carried out industrial projects for the optimization of workshops, inter-site load transfers, and more generally for the standardisation and sharing of inter-site practices. I also had the pleasure of developing and certifying a new international workshop,

My values:

Beyond my passion for technology and the behaviour of materials, I am attached to the human dimension of these different missions. The dynamic of a group around a project gives rise to much more than performance.

The solution of extrusion workshop difficulties is not always given by the equipment. The answer can be on Science, Method, or Organization.

In analogy with collective sports, the performance of the extrusion company is conditioned by the joint work of the various services.

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