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Actions carried out:  


Methods for Operation:


Standardization of line start and stop methods



Standardization of maintenance techniques Tooling



Industrial security






R&D in Innovation:
















Industrial projects:


Project for the acquisition of new markets

  • Study for the realization of a PVC fiber recycling workshop

  • Creation and management of CSTB Certification of a new PVC profile extrusion workshop in Asia



Optimization of equipment configurations

  • On 3 PVC profile extrusion workshops in Europe

  • For a PET recycling project



Evolution of the industrial tool:

  • Modification of a plastering workshop

  • Upgrading of a tube workshop for the medical field

  • Transfer and upgrading of a PVC profile extrusion workshop






















100% thermoplastic solution for automotive climatisation line 

Patents for the elements (tubing, fittings, filling valve, and assembly process)

High pressure flexible with a fluorinated tubing (modified PFA) for the Airbus A380

Multi-layers annealed flexible for the automotive engine cooling

PVC profiles with continuous glass fibers reinforcement, PMMA coextrusion,

and continuous PVC foaming

European patents for the reinforced profile and the manufacturing process, and for the continuous foaming,

PP non-reinforced U profile for the furniture sector.

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