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Develop your workshop's performances

Your objectives :

Optimize the time of use of the lines

Decrease  the time for changing



for a new reference

Improve the repeatability of the process

Advise for the development of your new products

Your objectives :

Appropriate a methodology of development in


Secure the fonctionality of the new product

Produce at the expected performance level

Support your Industrial Project

Your objectives :

Transfer a workshop

Increase the capacity of a workshop

Create a workshop at the international

Certify a workshop by CSTB in France

or outside

Integrate a new technology


Find the equipment adapted to your need


Your objectives :

Buy an equipment not well known



Rebuild your purchasing strategy: to know 


the offer of the local and international companies

Our support:

To do a diagnosys, for example with an audit

To identify the main failure causes

To define a team, leader of the changing

To act via an actions plan (for technical solutions) or a working group (for methods works)

To define the indicators of evolution and follow at defined dates.

Our tools:

Define the requirements

Define the material by specifical caracteristics 

Validate the feasability of the drawings

Validate the feasability for the extrusion technology




Our action:

Realization by Projects Mode

Based on clear deliverables

With your team

Followed by regular steps

Our service:

Definition of the requirements

Collection of the inquiries

Writing a technico-economic report

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